Featuring Webtoon Comics: Bluechair by Shen


Wed(Happy)nessday to all!

Other than reading books and reviewing it, I take time viewing comics. I just love it. The graphics and drawings are cool, awesome and cute. So I’m gladly appreciate to share it with you.

Do you want to see one? Here take a look.

My favorite comics.


Bluechair by Shen

Everyday is just like comedy. Just enjoy and follow our lead.

There are great episodes that will tickle your humor and be hook to it.

I really enjoy viewing this comics. The graphics are great, dialogues are funny and interesting and all in all the comics makes me feel relaxed and entertained.
Other way around, this is my another wasting great-spender time.

Go follow the artist – my favorite too.

EC8DB8EB84A4EC9DBC_ipad@shenanigansen – Follow his blog too. You can see it to his bio.

More webtoon comics to be feature. So stay tuned and, Check that out!

unnamed Webtoon | <— See other comics if you want and maybe what you just love might be feature here.

You can download it too (android phones or IOS).

Thank you for reading,



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