Hello everyone! Fellow reviewer, reader and whose-name-whose-I-don’t-know-whose-I’m-glad-to-say-hello to you.

This is my first and I need guidance and obviously supporter that this blog of mine will bloom gracefully and actively.

I’m been thinking to post my first review by next week so stay tune. This first book that I’m be going to describe was written by Ransom Riggs and his very first novel. ‘Know you knew it so just wait for it ’til you see it and read my own whereabouts to it. For sure it’s optimistic ’cause I don’t want to brag any bad thoughts about the book (where some reviewer has if its just the case).

But wait! I forgot to introduce myself even I’m going to include it in ‘About Me’ section, though it might just a summary.

So let’s start by telling you my name..hmmm…nope I wouldn’t ’cause I’m still shy even in this scenario. Maybe next time if that would be the case but for the meantime I would just introduce you with my hobby, which of course reading and now reviewing for the very first time.

I start liking to read YA novels and also classics when I’m in my high school days. What book I started to read that brings me here? That’s what a good question. I would likely to say that my savior in this realm of reading is/are the book/s of Suzanne Collins of which to name – The Hunger Games – that hooks me into deeper relationships with books, though I’m a generous reader in ebook which I’m sad. I want some physical books you know that time but now I do have some solid book just like I say I’m starting to build my world, so yeah. So after I read the trilogy, the succession of other books come and now I’m here keep going to read.

I’m an avid YA/dystopian/fantasy/sci-fi/mythology genres/types though I sometimes taste other genres.

What other can I say? Hmmmm…..oh yeah maybe about my favorite author in the whole universe.

Unfortunately I can’t say, I’m spread in all the authors I love. James Dashner, Rick Riordan, Suzanne Collins, etc.

I’m now out of words maybe next time, I will share my further experience or not knowing you will know too soon.

Thanks for reading this and glad that I will continue to succumb to this…. reading and reviewing.



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