Book Flash Update!

Hello, Buddies! So today is the second last day before we greet and meet June. I’m feeling the month just go by – nice and easy – as if it didn’t happen at first. Anyway, today I just gonna tell you what I found.

I’m finding to read a new release book even I do have current readings and I came to pass by in website of HarperCollins. Look what I see! This is my type of genre though I haven’t read it yet, I’m sure it gonna have to be awesome. Actually, the book is released just last week but it can’t be a reason for me not to read it, maybe next month or should I say this coming month. So here it is,


The Fireman by Joe Hill

Goodreads || Amazon

Obviously, I haven’t gotten into this but as soon as I finish my line-up of books for the next month I will devour this. I haven’t seen and read some post that came to have this book release or discussion. So maybe this is really not just a coincidence maybe just maybe this is what I just have to be forwarding to. Unfortunately not too early to be read so sad I must be stick to my plan for this month.

So this book is about…

Nah! Just look in HarperCollins. It was in the Just Release Section.

You may see others:

That’s all. Have great weekdays starting today!

Great Readings to You!

Thanks, Buds.


P.S. This is a quick update every now and then about new release, trending, book news…etc. as long as it I’m concern and you, maybe, but not always.


[Review] Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Book Review (HC) Photo - New


Hello, Buds! I just finished reading this book late this morning and it’s really good though I love the first one. I’m hoping that I can finish this the last day but somehow I ended up finishing it today.

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JournaLife Updates: May[ONE]


Hello Readers! Happy Saturn Day to all! So I just lay here in my bed today and typing this – no idea on how I will spend my day. Maybe I will just finish the book I currently reading and post the next day my review about it. And start a new book. It is calm and relaxing today, I might do also some chores afterwards. Hmmm… I just can’t the house that’s it.

Writing-Ideas So last week…

  • I made my very first blog – This is the blog, you know.
  • I made my first review though I always do. This is just the first one I done it on blog.
  • I got my first book mail. It comes with a new bookmark with some artsy. Thanks to The Book Depository.

Writing-Ideas This week…

  • I made some revision on my blog.
  • I started also to add some to make it a full week task for me and it’s gonna be a challenging day-to-day for me for a whole week.
  • I got some followers namely anaussiebookworm and ellisnelson. Thank you guys.
  • I started to enroll myself – I’m excited to go to school this week, (I just want to go outdoor, lol) then but got disappointed ‘cause the date always been moved, I don’t know how can I handle this for the next days. This system is such an embarrassment to me. So they say I might be assisted next week. Arghhh!! But then, I can’t do anything so I just leave and go and maybe be back next week.
  • I started to read the second sequel for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. I will give the review next week so stay tuned.

Writing-Ideas Today…

Never mind. I don’t much thing for today maybe I will sit here whole day and read a book. I will be reading also webtoon comics my favorite thing.

Writing-Ideas Next week is gonna be…

Enrollment week. I want to finish this thing ‘coz it’s important you know. I might also do some bookstore visit, though we have no local bookstore only some franchise one.

That’s all I got. Happy Readings!

Thanks, Buds!


Bookish Thingy: Book Searching

Are you that person even does have a book that currently reading, always check for other books and thinking to read it and then you are planning to buy it or add it in your digital copies though it might be an additional to your long TBR List?


If you are like that, you are not the only one.

I’m a reader and I know the struggle. I always do searching books that been in a trends and sometimes old books (nah, the money is the reason for that), though I just read in digital format, ’cause its free. But even though it is, I always ended up in searching again and it just makes my TBR List very long that I sometimes I forgot to read it anymore. It’s been a hobby of mine and I can’t get rid of it. I also buy new books but it was seldom ’cause you know I just a student. There’s more to think of.

I was browsing this day and I just found another great books, though right now I’m reading a new book, decided to read the next books then I just planned to make the book that I found to be in my TBR List that I just forgot to be now a very long list. What a habit of this of mine.

Nevertheless, I found this good and just another time for my little interest. I never want to get rid with this. It just makes me updated and I know, though it might be disadvantage, I can make just less of it. I make a solution to lessen it by lessening my hours in the internet and lower my TBR List to an average of five, then go back to it. Woah! That’s a great accomplishment you know. I might do it again and again but I might just forgot it. Lol.

So…. you, how come you faced this thing or are you like mine?



Featuring Webtoon Comics: Bluechair by Shen


Wed(Happy)nessday to all!

Other than reading books and reviewing it, I take time viewing comics. I just love it. The graphics and drawings are cool, awesome and cute. So I’m gladly appreciate to share it with you.

Do you want to see one? Here take a look.

My favorite comics.


Bluechair by Shen

Everyday is just like comedy. Just enjoy and follow our lead.

There are great episodes that will tickle your humor and be hook to it.

I really enjoy viewing this comics. The graphics are great, dialogues are funny and interesting and all in all the comics makes me feel relaxed and entertained.
Other way around, this is my another wasting great-spender time.

Go follow the artist – my favorite too.

EC8DB8EB84A4EC9DBC_ipad@shenanigansen – Follow his blog too. You can see it to his bio.

More webtoon comics to be feature. So stay tuned and, Check that out!

unnamed Webtoon | <— See other comics if you want and maybe what you just love might be feature here.

You can download it too (android phones or IOS).

Thank you for reading,